EzyRoller FAQ

Q1. How does the Ezyroller move?
Ezyroller uses a locomotion principle called cambering. It uses a simple left/right motion movement created by the paddle to generate an action/reaction very similar to what snakes do when they move forward. Faster speeds are achieved with regular low amplitude movements that gradually build up momentum.

Q2. Which surface does the Ezyroller work on?
Ezyroller will work on most hard or firm surfaces but is not suited to sand or grass. Ezyroller can be used indoors or outdoors. Ezyroller has high-quality non marking wheels that are suitable for wooden floors, tiled floors, gyms, decks, indoor playgrounds, etc. Ezyroller will usually work on most carpets. 

Q3. Does the Ezyroller need a slope to work?
No. The cambering motion means the Ezyroller will work well on a flat surface and can even climb light slopes. The Ezyroller was not designed for going down strong inclines and we do not encourage this. Also intense use of the brake whilst going downhill may prematurely wear out the wheels.

Q4. From what age can children ride the Ezyroller?
Choose the Ezyroller that best suits your child's age:
- Ezyroller Classic moves by using left/right leg movements and is ideal for kids 4-14 years and above (see height/weight below)
- Ezyroller Junior uses the arms to create the cambering movement and is ideal for kids 18 to 36 months old.
Riding the Ezyroller is very easy. Much easier to learn than a bike or a scooter. Most kids are off and away within about 90 seconds of sitting in the driver's seat!

Q5. What is the minimum/maximum size to ride the Ezyroller
Thanks to its patented expandable design, Ezyroller Classic will accomodate riders up to 6 feet tall (1.82 meters).
Children must be at least 3feet 3 (or 1 meter) to reach the paddle with their feet on Ezyroller Classic. For younger children (from 18 months) please choose Ezyroller Junior.

Q6. Is there a weight limit to ride the Ezyroller?
We recommend a maximum weight of 70 kilos. Although for safety reasons the Ezyroller has been tested for much heavier weights 70 kilos is probably the maximum weight for someone to enjoy riding the Ezyroller comfortably for any length of time.

Q7. Does the Ezyroller come with a warranty?
Yes there is a six month warranty from date of purchase. This doesn’t cover normal wear and tear for parts such as wheels, grips and the seat fabric. Please read the product leaflet contained in the box. Please note that excessive use of the brake (on steep hills for example) will lead to premature wear of the wheels. Wheels and wheel wear are not covered by the product warranty.

Q8. Where can I get spare parts for the Ezyroller?
Check out our online store for replacement wheels and seats.

Q9. Is there a brake on the Ezyroller?
Yes the Ezyroller has a brake. But please always keep safety in mind and ride responsibly. Please note that excessive use of the brake (on steep hills for example) will lead to premature wear of the wheels. Wheels and wheel wear are not covered by the product warranty.

Q10. How safe is the Ezyroller?
Ezyroller was designed with safety in mind and complies with Toy Safety standards in AUS/NZ, USA and EUROPE. 100% of Ezyroller units are inspected by the manufacturer as part of the manufacturing process to ensure they comply to these safety standards. The Ezyroller box includes a complete safety notice which we strongly recommend you read before you or your children start riding.

Q11. Where can I ride the Ezyroller?
We strongly encourage you to check that the space you intend riding the Ezyroller in is authorized for scooters, skateboards, rollers, tricycles and the like. Various states, councils and authorities will have different regulations as to what kind of activities are permitted. Before riding on footpaths, in parks, playgrounds, skate parks, please make sure you are authorized to do so. Also please remember that Ezyrollers and cars do not mix! You should definitely not ride an Ezyroller where there are motor vehicles or where motor vehicles might be present. And please wear a helmet for safe riding!