About Us

Howdy!  We're Bindi and Chris, and we have three kiddos, one of whom is on the spectrum.  

I remember when we were first told that he wasn't achieving his developmental milestones, at about two years old, I refused to listen.  For months, I insisted he was just two - things would line up eventually.  I didn't want my kid to be anything but 'normal'.  I didn't want him to have to face any difficulties.  And if I buried my head in the sand about it, it would all go away.

But daycare teachers and family kept gently telling us that he wasn't 'normal', and suggested we get him checked out.  And we are glad we did get him that early intervention, because it opened a whole world of knowledge and resources to get him on the right track.  And having it diagnosed early on meant we could proceed armed with knowledge and skills to handle (or pretend to handle, because let's face it, sometimes none of us knows what we're doing!) everything thrown at us as a family unit.

And as far as him being 'normal', well, he is!  Every kid has their own set of challenges, whatever they may be.  Every family tackles their kids' challenges however they must to just provide them with a happy life.  Because that's what's at the core of it, right?  Being happy?

Dealing with ASD, ODD and ADHD, we've certainly gone through our fair share of resources in an attempt to find things that will calm, soothe and rebalance our little guy.  And it's an ever-changing system.  Where once a feather stroked on his back would send him into a delighted stillness, now it has little effect.  Where once loud noises would be a source of disharmony, now they're a source of curiosity.

At school, he would use a knobbly wedge cushion that the school provided to give him that little bit of movement, wriggle and sensory feedback to be able to concentrate.  The school also had bicycle pedals so his little feet could keep busy to enable his mental focus.

It's a constant task to find the next thing to appease his unique mind, as the old things start to lose their effect, while some things seem like they will never change as far as giving him happiness.  And that is a-okay.

So here we have sourced a range of products that can be used to give your own child that sensory feedback they crave, to make their lives happier and calmer.  We've experienced this life.  We're all in this together, and if there is any way we can help you, or find something you're looking for, please reach out to us.  

Thanks for catching up with us,

Bindi and Chris